The Danish Vegan Political Party (Veganerpartiet)

Applying veganism

and ecocentrism in politics

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In English, Veganerpartiet
In English, Veganerpartiet
Denmark and the world needs

Veganism and plant-based opportunities in politics

Our  highest goal is total animal liberation. We work towards this by educating and disseminating information to Danish citizens about the advantages of a plant-based diet for the planet and for all sentient beings: human and non-human animals alike. Veganerpartiet (The Danish for the Vegan Party) is founded by Henrik Vindfeldt and Michael Monberg.

Veganerpartiet needs 20.182 signatures or “voter declarations” before 2023. Each signature collected has a validity of 18 months. In May 2020, the first signatures collected back ind 2018 will start to expire. However, they are earning more signatures than they are losing. The signature tally currently stands at 14.700 and the party expects to have 15.000 or 75% of the signatures by May 1st, 2020.

Veganerpartiet will need approximately 70,000 votes in order to win a minimym of representation of 4 seats in the Danish Parliament “Folketinget”.

So far, we have gathered thousands of supporters and lead a very passionate group of people in Denmark to better the lives of animals and promote a ecocentric ideology in politics.

We need 20.182 Danish signatures

When we have gathered all our signatures, Veganerpartiet can participate in the political debate in Denmark on equal terms with all the other Danish political parties. Denmark is with the high number of required signatures one of the most difficult countries to run for office.

14.739 signatures gathered


The board of Veganerpartiet

This is our board. It is only a small selection of the many dedicated volunteers that help realise this project. Please contact them if you want to help us in our efforts.

In English, Veganerpartiet

Michael Monberg

Founder and Head of Party


In English, Veganerpartiet

Tine Pil Østberg



In English, Veganerpartiet

Henrik Vindfeldt

Main Founder


In English, Veganerpartiet

Mayanoa Kjærgård

Creative and Strategic Developer


In English, Veganerpartiet

Lars Corvinius Olesen

Head of Press and Communications


In English, Veganerpartiet

Lisel Vad Olsson

Ideological and Political Spokesperson


Help us in our efforts to strengthen the vegan community through political actions

You can support our work through donations. Right now, we are in desperate need to reach our 20.182 signature goal. That is the only way to compete in the political elections. In times of corona, we mostly collect through social media ads – it is effective, but it is using all of our current financial resources! None of the team members have every received a paycheck. Most have quit their daytime job to make veganism a part of Danish politics their life goal.

Donations by bank transactions:
IBAN: DK9861500000213832 6150 0000213832